Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What's In Your Wallet?

You are probably wondering what could she possibly have been doing that prompted this post. Simple, I was cleaning out my purse and decided to extend it to my wallet. Silly little thing but necessary.

As I started the task, I went through the usual credit cards, licenses (had 3 RN licenses in there, the current one and two expired), driver's license (awful picture, stopped and pondered WHY they are always awful pictures). Then it happened! I found my favorite THINGS in all the world my current collection of fortune cookie fortunes and my lucky dime.

My lucky dime is my reassurance that all will be right with the world. It started shortly after my brother in law passed away. When we went to close up his home shortly after he died, my husband found a dime in the exact place where he was found. I had been vacuuming and found multiple dimes throughout his home. When we returned home I found a dime on my husband's chair in our dining room. No one had been in our home, neither one of us had change in our pockets, and no one had sat in my husband's chair. We both looked at each other and said "Jimmy's telling us that he's ok!" The dime from Jimmy's house became my husband's lucky dime and the one from our house became mine.

In the years since Jimmy's death, during our hardest times, there has always been a dime to be found. He has always reassured us that no matter how bad things are it will all work out. I have a large collection of dimes that I've found but the one that I carry in my wallet is still the first and the most meaningful of all. Today I was reminded that all will be right with the world if I give it half a chance and believe.

What's in your wallet?

Until next time,



Mrs.Kwitty said...

Wow--your story gave me the goosebumps and the watery eye...and even a smile (what's in your wallet--haha!)
Smiles, Karen

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