Friday, May 29, 2009

Amanda's Amazing Journey

A few weeks ago, my niece (Maggi’s daughter) moved to the Big City, New York City to be precise. This was a move we had been expecting since she dropped the “BOMB” on us in November of last year. However, we always viewed it as an “empty threat,” one of those things that “she’ll soon forget,” and last but not least she’ll “change her mind about 1,000 times before May gets here.” Well May came and Amanda was not swayed, and on May 9th, true to her hopes and aspirations, Amanda moved to NYC.

Although it has been painful for all of us, especially for my sister (her first to leave the nest) I have to say how much I admire Amanda for staying true to her dreams. At nineteen, few people have such a keen vision of what they want to do. Here’s to an admirable young lady, who has no idea how much she is loved, missed and admired. May your dreams all come true and may every road for you be paved with joy and happiness. I know it will be if you have anything to say about it.

Aunt Carmie


Montagyoo said...

Wow, that does take some major guts! I hope all her dreams come true!

livingglassart said...

A young woman with a dream is hard to stop! Even through I don't know her I'm proud of her and her guts, also knowing how hard it is on the ones she has left behind. Hugs to you, I know you miss her.

Lynne Adamson said...

I think she probably does, indeed, know how much she is loved. Congratulations to her for making her first step a big one. Just like Armstrong :)

My daughter moved to Portland a few year ago... my baby. She's still there and loving it. Making her way as an artist. True to her trade. I'm extremely proud of her.

Here's to our baby girls. Making their way in the world. They know our door is always open as well as our arms.

Malene said...

Such a beautiful post. She is lucky to have you as her aunt :-)

jacjewelry said...

That's terrific that she is following her dreams! NYC is wonderful and seems scary, but really isn't. :)

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