Sunday, November 8, 2009

Not So Silent Sunday

It's been a long time. Over a month and nothing from this self proclaimed "loud mouth." I've missed blogging but unfortunately have not found the spare minute in the day to devote to it.

It's been a strange year. In earlier posts I've shared what I am seeing in my community secondary to the recession. Yesterday I received another dose of reality while participating in a health fair that my staff coordinated and sponsored.

It was held in our statellite office. An area that just 18 months ago was considered very up and coming, with multiple coveted zip codes, affluent areas, promise of the American dream. Today it has one of the highest foreclosure rates and unemployment rates in our State. Today it is an area that hurts visibly.

In the land of plenty, the land of milk and honey that is America, it is difficult to comprehend the inability to provide yourself with basic needs--food, shelter, being able to provide and care for oneself, etc. That is what I saw. That is their reality.

There are no words to describe the response we received from those that attended the health fair. It was pure gratitude and I cannot begin to share what that looks or feels like. But I can say to anyone reading this blog that if you have an opportunity to assist in community events in your area take the time, do it, make a difference in someone's life. Right now, it is needed.

My deepest appreciation and thanks to those who made this possible for our community. Ursula, Ron, Tim, Terri, Claudia C, Claudia J, Yvette, Isaiah, Pacia, Connie, Jayne, Melissa, Wendy, Dawn, Ramona, Carol, Eva, Hugh, Luz, Marlene, Taymi, Brenda, Debbie T, Debbie D-M (and Buddy), Valarie, Linda (and her wonderful Volunteers), and Paul--thank you! Your dedication and committment to our organization, your community and the people that we serve is a source of inspiration. I am blessed to be a part of this "Dream Team."

Until next time,


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