Thursday, May 7, 2009

...and how have you been?

This week found me away from home on a regular post day. Try as I might I could not connect to the internet. I was sitting in a hotel room cross country trying to connect using dial up. Dial up! I have never used dial up and I don't know that I would be as addicted to the internet if I had to use it on a regular basis. For those of you who connect in this manner every day, my hat is off to you--you are amazing.

I did manage to get on once and stayed on for all of about 20 seconds before I got booted off. Patiently I went through the process again. Finally after about 30 minutes and the loss of all the patience I could muster, I gave up. I called the Front Desk and after 15 minutes with them, I gave up (again) ordered a brownie and a glass of milk and called it a night. Sorry I short changed you but the brownie and milk were delicious.

Maggie is preparing for Amanda's move to the big city. All of her boxes have been shipped and the big day (Saturday) is right around the corner.

We have been "cleaning" and prepping our Etsy shop to roll out new products. We have been diligently working on some projects and are excited to complete, photograph and list them. For right now it's a surprise but I will share that it is quite different from our regular shop items. We are hoping that our friends and customers will enjoy these "little ditties" as much as we are enjoying making them.

Until next time,



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