Monday, May 11, 2009

As Promised--New Line--Tweoples

A few weeks ago I shared how I finally broke down and joined Twitter. Well little did I know that I would not only enjoy it but that I would learn to speak a whole new language.

For those of you familiar with Twitter you know all about the Tweeps (Followers), the Tweets (the little messages you send) and the Twibes (the groups with similar interests that our connected by that interest). Got all that? Really very cute if you stop to think about it. It's like high school only global. What more could I ask for?

Well, I kept wondering what would some Tweeps look like if you did them in beads for all the world to see. I became fascinated with the idea (it really doesn't take much for me to entertain myself). So if you are wondering what those pictures up top are, meet the first of the Tweoples, Leila and Redmond.

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Klymyshyn Design said...

Cute - I'm "twitter pated"!

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