Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Gift for You . . .

I'm sitting here working on a "special" gift. (I've been working on it for a couple of weeks to be exact). I still have plenty of time to work on it, so I've been working on it here and there. I love working on things to give away. I especially love to watch the recipient's expression when they open it.

This past Christmas I made my mom and dad an album. My mom had a favorite song that reminded her of my dad. She said it made her cry when she heard it. I switched the words some, so it would pertain to the two of them and added pictures! Lucky for me, my mom had pictures of the two of them back to when they were dating in Cuba!

So the last present handed out this past Christmas was the album. All our family sat around as they opened it - the two of them sitting in one chair - going down memory lane. My dad cried. My mom cried. The kids cried . . . I clapped - because this was the exact reaction for which I had hoped. This meant that they not only liked it - they loved it!

So, as I work on this "special" gift, I hope I receive another "tear-filled" thank you! That way, I know for sure they love it!



Monika's Gifts Galore said...

Wow, it's awesome that you can create something that touches people like that!

Kimberly said...

So lovely! I've added your button to my blog:)

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