Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sumpin Else Reviews and Features

Reviews, they are often a topic of discussion on Etsy. Too many times, unfortunately, sellers are misused, with multiple requests for "free product to be reviewed on my blog." At the risk of alienating others I feel I need to put this out there. How unbiased can you be when you are receiving free product from a vendor? How many "samples" does one person require to provide a good review?

At Sumpin Else we believe in using versus sampling what we promote. Although it would not seem like there is a difference using requires us to take a deeper look at the product and believe in what we are promoting when we do. There is no trade off and no influence because it was not acquired "gratis." All products reviewed are purchased and used by us.

Whenever you see a review in this blog please know that the following caveat applies. We will not review any product for our readers and customers which we have not used ourselves. When you see a Sumpin Else review we have a "history" with that product.

Features on the other hand are our attempt to "expose" you, the reader, to many artists, craftsmen, etc. to assist you to increase your purchasing horizons. Features are not reviews, nor are they endorsements. They are mini-catalogs that lead to endless possibilities with a mere click.

We take great care when choosing artists for our features and although it would appear random it is quite a process! Artists are chosen based on the particular type of feature that we are considering. Their Etsy (or other) feedback is read carefully and an item is selected. Once this is done, we ask the artist for permission to feature them on our blog. Only when we have their approval do you see their items featured here.

We take great pride in our blog, our artist friends and their amazing products. We also take great pride in bringing our customers fantastic items.

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Mrs.Kwitty said...

There you go! I have to agree with you whole-heartedly. I've been approached quite a few times by blogs who offer to review my products after I send them one for free. I find it all very odd. I'm happy to have found your blog--good for you!
Smiles, Karen

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