Monday, May 18, 2009

The Silver Lining

There's always a silver lining . . . sometimes it's just more obvious than others.

I'm sitting here at my computer . . . and it is pouring outside. Great weather if you're a frog, and from the sound of it, the frogs are absolutely loving it! Thank goodness I didn't have much planned for the outdoors today. (Tomorrow + outdoors = a different story.) So, today I sit at the kitchen table plowing away at the accounting - YECH! Don't get me wrong, I love numbers (algebra, calculus) . . . I just hate credits, debits, and balances. The Silver Lining - we could really use all this rain because of the wildfires we've been having here in Florida, plus I'm forced to stay inside and catch up on my work.

Back to tomorrow and the outdoors . . . my youngest is going on a field trip with his first grade class and guess who volunteered to be a chaperone? You betcha! Not only that but after spending the day at the zoo with the entire first grade class, I get to spend the evening with the Cub Scouts! Yea, me! The Silver Lining - I know that he'll remember these "special" times that Mom came along with him on his field trips.

So if you can't see the silver lining, stop and take a good look. Maybe the silver lining isn't about you or your situation, maybe it's meant for the frogs.


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