Saturday, July 25, 2009

For My Children

MorningsideThe old man died
And no one cried
They simply turned away
And when he died
He left a table made of nails and pride
And with his hands he carved these words inside
"for my children"
Neil Diamond Morningside
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The first time I ever heard this song my eldest son was not even a glimmer in this mother's eyes. I can't begin to express how deeply the lyrics touched me and the commitment I vowed to make for my children at that time.
Decades have since passed, but the whole time, the lyrics have lived within my head and my heart. Their haunting beauty pulled me through some of my darkest moments, moments when I could not find it in myself to lift up by the boot straps and go on. They were constant reminders of why it was important to me to be there for my children. They helped me to focus on what I held to be important and what I believed I needed to instill in them.
For Mom's (and Dad's) every where, your job (raising your children) is the most important work you will ever do. You are molding their futures, yours, and that of the world. They are our legacy. They are our hope~~raise them with all the love and compassion that you hold within.
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Monique said...

Wow, Carmen!! Loved the post! It is Beautiful! I don't have children of my own but I have many God Children and I know that it is our responsibility to nurture these Future Leaders!! Well done, Carmen!


Scrapninny said...

Lovely post and lovely product idea. Lyrics are a fantastic way to be inspired!

SumpinElse said...

Scrapninny and Monique thank you so much for leaving your wonderful comments. Yes, lyrics do have that effect on us. Sometimes one muse feeds another.

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