Sunday, July 12, 2009

Trying New Things

I remember as a small child often sitting at the dinner table with what looked like who knows what in front of me. I also remember my grandmother Mimi encouraging me to try whatever the flavor of the day was. Whether it was food, games, books, or activities it was always Mimi encouraging us to try something new.
Later on when Mimi was not at our side every minute of the day, her voice would pop into my head whenever I faced a new challenge. Thanks to Mimi our sense of adventure was developed and cultivated. She may have been a little woman but she was packed full of spunk. Mimi passed away on December 17, 2004.

As I was looking in our shop the other day I thought to myself how much I would like to try my hand at glass pendants. Up until this point I had always been fearful to give it a try and then there she was "Try it" I heard her distinct but tiny voice in my head. Of course I had to follow it.
Mimi, it is the first of hopefully many, this magnolia is for you. I love you and miss you, thank you for staying in my heart and in my head.
Until next time,


Beth said...

Absolutely lovely! Especially for a first attempt.

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