Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Writer's Block related to Healthcare

In keeping with the summer schedule of blogging every three days today would be the day. My only challenge is that try as I might nothing has popped into my mind for tonights post. My entire day has been filled with so many other things that little time was left over to even consider what to write so I will briefly share with you what is troubling me. Healthcare!

As I've stated before, I am a nurse. Although I have been in Administration and not at the bedside in over 11 years I am still a nurse. Due to the current economic crisis I am starting to see first hand what I learned about in graduate school--the phenomenon of the emergency room as the point of entry to healthcare. How sad it is to watch and how deeply distrubing it is to know that so many are in need of care and unable to afford it. They put off seeing their doctors often until it is too late. It is not bad enough that so many are now out of jobs and underinsured or uninsured we must now add Medicare and Medicaid cuts on top of that as well.

I still have hope. Hope that we will lead ourselves out of this crisis and that we will find a more lasting and workable solution to our healthcare woes. A country's greatness can be gauged by how it takes care of its children, elderly and infirmed. Are we slipping?

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