Thursday, July 9, 2009

An Idle Mind

is the "playground of the devil." I'm not agreeing with that quote these days. Well my mind really hasn't been idle, but it has been taking in way too much HGTV. Oh, the new ideas I have for this house . . . not that we need to do anything more to our house at the moment, but WOW!

I'm thinking of demo'ing the wall between the kitchen and the dining room. Really, it's not a major task. The problem starts with the re-wiring of the electric for the fridge and stove. I guess I shouldn't mention the air conditioning duct is encased by a soffit. Seriously, it looks great in my head! Mind you I'm not an electrician, plumber or carpenter nor do I play one on TV . . . but I'm loaded with ideas!

Next, the laundry room . . . it just needs to be a bit bigger. It's not a problem that the only way to expand the laundry room would be into the garage. Ha! Just a little bump in the road.

Tomorrow I'm Lowe's or Home Depot bound . . . now that is truly the playground for the devil!

(just kidding Babe!)


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