Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Somedays You Give It To God

My sister and I were raised Catholic. Long before it was fashionable to be Christian, we attended Catholic parochial school and Catholic high school. She was the lucky one that got to go to a boy/girl school; I was the ground breaker and was promptly enrolled in an all girl school.

The beauty of growing up Catholic is that there was a dogma, a creed or a prayer for each one of life's hurdles. Everything in life had an associated mystery and mysticism. There were prayers for lost items, for rain, for sunshine, for impossible obstacles, for blessings, and thanks. Life was simple with St. Anthony, St. Joseph, and St. Jude.

Unfortunately as one ages we want more of an explanation to all of life's trials. This was not spared on us. We too looked for answers were the only answer is and was because it is so. However, life does have a way of bringing you back to where it wants you to be. Always at the crossroads and making decisions and faith is what sustains you.

No matter what your belief system is faith is at the root of it. Let faith work for you and move your mountains.

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