Wednesday, June 10, 2009

School's Out for the Summer

School’s out for the Summer, words that send waves of fear through any Mother’s heart—right? Not, if you just do a little planning and employ the work and reward method. The what? The work and reward method.

Work and reward was something I used with my children as they were growing up. Now that they are young adults I wish it were that easy. If they wanted to do something special they would place their request on the Reward list. The reciprocal of the Reward list was the Work list on which I would place what I wanted them to accomplish. In order to gain the reward they had to complete an item (listed for them) on the work list. It was a sure way to get them motivated without argument or plea bargaining, the lists spoke for themselves.

Rewards included extra TV watching hours, trips to the pool, day outings of their choice, etc. All were simple things that you would have done normally but were considered a treat. Work would include helping with the grocery shopping, picking up the bathroom after younger members of the family, or picking up after yourself after playing, eating, etc. Again simple things that if repeated enough become life-long habits.

The only caveat to the Work and Reward method is that it needs to be age appropriate. If they can’t read it requires a little more effort on your part BUT it can work. Try Work and Reward and see what results you obtain.

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Kathy said...

My kids are all grown up...but your idea is great.

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