Thursday, June 4, 2009

Even Good Pigs have Bad Days!

Everyone has one of those days. We've all had them. You know the ones where from the moment you pull the covers back everything goes wrong. Your slippers aren't next to the bed, your toothbrush has toothpaste deposits, your coffee pot doesn't cooperate, your hair gel has been replaced with shellac and you gained 15 pounds over night. That's just your first 5 minutes and then your real day begins.
I have usually resorted to prayer in instances like this. I pray ALOT!!!!! Did I mention I pray ALOT!!!!!!
Well on the heels of a 9 day stint of bad days, it finally got to me. Yes, I had a SNARKY kind of day and I allowed my inner pig to speak! It was not pretty but I have to admit it was liberating and hilarious.
People are not used to seeing my inner pig. I am usually a very composed, compassionate human being. No, not today. For every action there was a reaction. For every comment there was a gutteral response (not foul just pulled from the inner recesses where it had been lurking and waiting for years).
I have come to the end of my 9 day run and have vowed that tomorrow will not follow suit. So, if you are wondering what happened today don't analyze it too much. It won't happen again for at least another 5 years. And when you need to, pray, or look at the poster above from some wonderful Etsian who unfortunately was not credited on the Internet (and I thought I was having a bad day) and carry on!
Until next time,


w said...

wow. when i read the title. i was so expecting something about a pork dinner... because that would have made a bad day for a good pig.

hope you have a great day tomorrow. and the day after.

SumpinElse said...

w that would have been a bad day for a good pig--LOL!

Linsart said...

Hey Carmin, Thanks for posting to my blog. Best to you!

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