Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Birthday Party

The photographer takes refuge

Let the games begin
At the staircase waiting for his guests
Derrick's (my nephew) birthday is this week. He will be seven years old. Seven is a magical age for a boy. It's not quite big enough to have full control over one's life BUT old enough to know that one has their own opinion and are allowed to express it. Every now and again your opinion is acknowledged and you get what you really wanted.
Well this year what he really wanted was a pool party and he got his wish. This child had "...the bestest day of..." his life. He swam and played and played and swam until he finally wore himself out. Which is a first for Derrick and a sign of his advanced age (seven--haha).
There is one more surprise for Derrick. One that will again give him the biggest smile on his little face and the greatest joy that he will remember (until the next time because he has a short attention span and has a tendency to forget major life events another sign of his advanced age--seven). Derrick does not know it yet but there is a date with a magical mouse in a magical kingdom. It will be the "...bestest day of..." his life. Happy Birthday Baby, may it be the first of many joyful celebrations, I love you!
Until next time,
Aunt Carmie


Expressions By Devin said...

Thats so sweet. I am so glad he had a wonderful birthday!!!

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