Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I try very hard to stay optimistic. Not Pollyanna hiding her head in the sand but upbeat looking for the silver lining in each cloud, the good that comes out of the bad, etc. I have my dark side don't misunderstand but it is usually kept well under control by the optimist who sets my "cruise control."

I am also a nurse. Again, given my profession the optimist springs eternal. Although it is difficult to witness there is good that comes from human suffering although we don't understand it when it is happening. We as humans aspire to make things better for others. Life is held in the highest esteem and people are an end not a means to an end.

Not that I am giving up on these beliefs or practices, but even for Pollyanna it is hard at the moment to hold on to them given the difficult economic times. It is heart breaking to see what is happening in communities all around the United States. With layoffs and downsizing we are beginning to see more and more Americans who for years have been healthy due to benefits that allowed them to stay healthy become infirmed with no where to turn. No job, same bills, health issues and no coverage--never a good combination.

We as a country need to be cognizant of what is going on all around us. Tonight at 10 p.m. President Obama will be holding a Town Hall Meeting. Even for those of us that consider ourselves as being not politically active or mildly interested this meeting will be important. This meeting will discuss healthcare and may set precedent for upcoming legislation. You don't need a soapbox just good listening skills and a voice that you are willing to exercise.

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