Saturday, April 25, 2009

Your Momma Shops Etsy 5 of 10

Today marks the midpoint of our special "Your Momma Shops Etsy" feature. We continue with some of Etsy's best artists, jewelry makers and crafters. So far, your feedback has been very positive. The comments have been slow but your emails have been many--that's ok it more personal that way! Either way we love hearing from you so keep the comments and emails coming.

What are you doing?

Finally broke down Thursday night and signed up to Twitter. Learning the ropes but having a great time with it so far. I don't know why I waited this long. Wonderful tool for staying connected. Thanks to all those Etsyians that kept promoting the site and singing its praises.

Participated in our 3rd Annual BEAR Camp this morning. BEAR Camp is our children's bereavement event that we hold once a year. Children who have experienced the death of a loved one are invited to attend and participate in events geared specifically for their age group to assist them to come to terms with their loss. Parents are invited to the afternoon session to talk about their loss and to acquire skills to help their children work through grief. It is so rewarding to see them come out of their shells and talk, smile, laugh and sing! It's like watching a field of flowers bloom right before your eyes.

Thanks to Liz for allowing me to assist them with crafts and help them pick out their Memory Bears. She was very proud of me since I managed to survive the arts and crafts without being covered in glue and glitter (it takes about three days to lose the "glitter glow" after this event). Special thanks from my eyebrows and eyelashes for not making me cook this year! Thank you to our staff: Liz, Ramona, Dawn, Linda, Louise, Susan, Holly, Tom, Norton, Jane, Frank, Melvin, Mark, Carol, Jean, Tracy, Paula, Ciel (as Clarabell--you were amazing), Izzy, and Ann. A special thanks to our official photographer Jae and our wonderful VOLUNTEERS.

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Creative Addictions said...

Love these ideas for Mother's Day! I actually have the Vanilla Bean Latte soap, it's fabulous!

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