Thursday, April 23, 2009

Your Momma Shops Etsy 4 of 10

Welcome to the fourth installment of Your Momma Shops Etsy! For the last six days we have been featuring some amazing Etsy artists and their shops on the blog. We hope that you continue to enjoy our finds and are taking us up on visiting these (and other) Etsy sites. If you still don't know quite how to do this please feel free to scroll down and read the brief tutorial.

Tomorrow is Etsy Day. What you ask? Well a large number of Etsy sellers got together and will be doing grass roots promotions for Etsy and their shops. Just think a national Etsy holiday! If you see an Etsian in your community with a Follow Me to Etsy bumper sticker take a moment to wave and let them know that you're on board.
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