Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Oh but I want that…Etsy purchasing made easy

So, you found the perfect Mom gift on this blog. You have been clicking on it for the past 3 days. You want it, you must have it, you can’t wait to get you hands on it. Finally you click and try to purchase it. Alas, you don’t have an Etsy account! NO PROBLEM!

As we rev up for our featured sellers, I thought we would give you some Etsy basics to help you prepare for some serious shopping. First, let’s answer some questions. One of the biggest fear that most people have about purchasing on the Internet is they are unsure if their information is safe. Etsy is a secure site. Your information is safe. Second, they ask will my email address be sold? No, although there are some websites out there that actually make money by selling your email address to spammers, Etsy is not one of those websites. You will receive a confirmation email once you have set up your account (more on this below) and unless you subscribe to Etsy emails you will not receive them—that simple. Third, now that I have joined Etsy what happens? Nothing or everything the choice is up to you. Take a moment and read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s). They are your best friend covering topics from “convo’s” to “flagging.” Fourth, ok, I have done all that—what next? Enjoy! Click on anything and everything. Talk to sellers and buyers in the Forums or on Chat. Pick out your favorite shops (heart them) to visit them again and again. Buy without ever leaving the comfort of your home. It is that easy. No hidden fees, no red tape, only what you want when you want it.

To sign up to Etsy you must be at least 18 years of age or have parental approval and supervision. Go to, click on Buy, click on “It’s free you can do so here. Learn more.” Both of the underlined words on this page are hyperlinks that will direct you to the appropriate page. To continue with your registration click on “…here,” you will be directed to a page with Register—click. Give careful consideration to what your user name and password will be. User names cannot be changed so if you go with “FlufferButter” you will be “FlufferButter” forever on Etsy. I could be hungry but that does not sound so bad right now. Fill out your registration form and provide a valid email address. Etsy will send you a confirmation email. Click on the confirmation link and get started! Oh, your confirmation link does not work? No problem, copy and paste the confirmation URL (the funny letters and numbers) into your browser. Fasten your seat belt, sign on (using your user name and password) and SHOP, LOOK, OR PLAY!

We start the featured sellers’ series this Friday. If you have any questions please feel free to email Maggi or me (Carmen) @ We may not know the answer but we will do everything we can to respond or point you in the right direction! Bye for now, take good care of each other and talk to you again on Friday!



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