Sunday, February 1, 2009

Little Pleasures III

msfroggie7: Valentine LOVE Necklace ($13.00)

TALKTAGZ: Metal Rim Gift or Scrapbooking Tags (Set of 6 $4.50)

elegancewithflair: Open Wire Basket Vintage Style Locket Chain Necklace ($15.00)

ragquiltusa: Set of 5 Rag Quilt Coasters Red White Blue Jean Hearts ($6.00)

Sumpinelse: Bear-ing My Feelings ($15.00)

Sumpin Else Trivia: Over the past few months while learning to live on the Internet, I have been reminded almost daily of the impersonal nature of this mode of communication, networking and conducting business. For as many amenities as we have today it is difficult to put names and faces (in real time and space) together. We can spend countless hours at the computer “talking” with anyone and everyone in the global community and yet bump into them on the street and never have an idea that this person has touched our lives before.

Well here you go. Down below in yesterday’s blog there is a picture of a lovely young couple. That would be Maggi and her husband Steve. Along with Ella (the pig) and me (Carmen) we are Sumpin Else.

I am not as brave as Maggi but if it will help in establishing our cyber friendship, think American Gothic. My husband Paul would be carrying the pitchfork and yes, that would be me to his immediate right.

As for Ella, she loves to have her picture plastered all over the Internet. No pun intended she is a real ham and a flying one at that. She loves long walks on the beach, feeling the sand between her hoofs, an inde-films. She is currently single after a tumultuous relationship but is beginning to date.

Hope you have a wonderful Super Bowl Sunday! For those of you watching the game—may your team win. For those of you not watching the game, here are today’s Little Pleasures. Hope you enjoy them and visit the shops that they call home.



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