Saturday, February 7, 2009

Little Pleasures VI

KIMMSMITH: Rich Royale Handmade Charm Bracelet by Kim Smith ($12.00)

TheHappyHomemaker: Grandma Millie’s Buckeyes—Half Dozen ($5.95)

Here we go with our 6th installment of Little Pleasures. As Valentine's Day draws we are coming to a close with our series but we hope that you are now familiar with Etsy and all of its wonderful shops. We will continue blogging and bringing you exceptional finds. We hope you have enjoyed our selections as much as we have enjoyed finding them and presenting them to you!

Tonight we continue with offerings for him and her and even a special treat for our canine friends. All are still under $20.00 and all are still handmade by some of the finest inde-artists in the global community. Enjoy clicking!



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