Monday, February 23, 2009

Falling off the Wagon

We started the New Year with a bang and a promise. We did really well with it until the 14th of this month but as the blog shows we fell off the wagon. So here we go getting back on it again!
The past month has been busy. We have been designing new products and filling orders. We had always been very involved with our children's activities and designed everything from birth announcements to birthday invitations. Well we decided to put our Mom skills to work here at Sumpin Else.
Maggi has been busy designing birthday cards, frames, party hats; you name it she's dabbled and had a great time doing it. I've been busy looking through our photographs and making prints (see the two here) and a brand new item that I absolutely love ACEO's.
If you aren't familiar with ACEO's they are tiny works of art about the size of baseball trading cards. Ok, we have established that I AM OLD and this probably dates me further! You can collect them, trade them, display them, or frame them--you decide.
Another new item in the Etsy Shop is signed prints. It is wonderful to relive the memories associated with these pictures and to share them with others. Many of my favorites are photographs of Alaska, Canada, and right here in our own backyard (Florida).
Take a peek in the shop and see all the new items. We will be posting some exclusives here in the next few weeks.
Until the next time,


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