Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Little Pleasures

It seems that everywhere we turn these days we are reminded of the sad state of our economy and our world. Yet if we listen long and hard enough there is something else, something that is positive and promising. That something is hope because despite what life dishes out these days people remain hopeful.

At work we see it in the faces of our co-workers. For me it is my staff, patients and their families that remind me everyday of how much there is to be hopeful for. They remind of the little pleasures in life that get us through.
With this in mind and with Valentine's Day around the corner, Maggi and I have been working to bring you a line of little pleasures on our Etsy site. We know that although life goes on money is tight. A little affordable remembrance might be just the pick me up someone might need. We know that our friends and customers would also like to see a little variety and with that in mind we will invite fellow Etsians to display their pieces here at Sumpin Else.
It is our hope that we bring you some options and joy with our little pleasures. As always, we welcome and encourage your feedback. Carmen and Maggi


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