Thursday, July 17, 2008

A couple new frames to share...

As promised, I'm uploading the latest frames that we've finished. These all went in the mail to their happy homes today. So, if one of these belongs to you...start stalking that postman!

First to show ya...This one was a spin off of a sample that I'd done before Nationals. Our client specifically wanted the name of her daughter's dance (Dancing Shoes) and the stars that I'd had on the sample. I don't think you can really see it, but I used a bit of glitter glue on the name of the dance...adds just a bit more sparkle to an already sparkly creation!

This frame is a surprise for Stevie. ENJOY!!

And let me say...I absolutely LOVE this iridescent paper. I loved it from the start and have liked just about every frame that I've done with it. Oh, and I found this in yellow and a really pretty blue too. I have a sample in the yellow but cannot wait to create something with that blue one!, for the second frame that we're sharing today. This is another take on a sample that we had for Nationals. I actually shared that sample last week. The original sample was with a landscape format for the photo...but this one is for a portrait photo. I'm actually liking THIS one better than the first one that I did. Hope Gabrielle and her mom like it too! Oh...and the letters that I used for Gabrielle's name and the date...those are by Making Memories and I'm loving those too. They're the PERFECT size for what we're doing and there are just so many letters in a pack. I picked these up in just about every color they had. (Notice the pink ones on the Dancing Shoes frame??)
And finally...this fun tie-dyed looking frame. Another take on a sample that we had. the sample was a smaller frame and this gentleman specifically asked for a larger frame. Love how pretty this paper is. The colors just flow together so nicely. And...of course...there are those Making Memories letters again. Told ya I love those things! I might just need to pick up a few extra packs of these babies!!

I'm on vacation for the next week and won't be sharing anything from this end. Maybe Maggi will share a few of her gorgeous creations while I'm gone. I know she's been busy too. I especially can't wait to see the Zebra print with the orange...I bet they're awesome! that I have you wondering what I'm talking about...I better get up from here and finish packing before hubby decides to go without me! LOL

Till next time!


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