Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My new favorite...

Statistically, there are far more girls that dance (at our studio anyway) than boys. So, obviously, most of our orders have been for girly type stuff. Lots of pinks, purples...flowers and bling. So, when we got this order for a frame for this little guy, the wheels in my head started turning.

Max is a cutie pie to begin with. But let me tell ya...dressed up in his tuxedo type costume, on that stage, he was a REAL show stopper!

This is a photo of the costume that Max wore...(btw, this photo was taken from the Curtain Call Costumes website. I just happened to come across this photo when I was looking for a bit of inspiration...cute cute costumes there!!) I wanted to make sure this frame wasn't too girly and would go nicely with his costume photo that his Mom is planning to put in it.

I've worked on this one for a few days now actually...in stages. Adding a little bit of this and little bit of that. Trying to make it "just right". After I put the polka dots on there this afternoon, I knew that it needed a little "sumpin else". I decided to put "suspenders" on here...just like the costume. And now I think it's finished...and not only is it finished, it's become my new FAVORITE frame that I've made since starting on this fun adventure.

Anyway...here's Max's frame. I'm happy with how closely it resembles the costume. Exactly what I was shooting for! I sure hope he and his mom like it!

Now to finish Caroline's mini book.

Oh...and we have other orders finished and ready to ship this week. I'll take photos of the ones that I've done and share them tomorrow.

And remember, if you need to reach us, just drop us an e-mail at sumpinelse@gmail.com

Till next time...


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