Saturday, February 13, 2010

And My Mind Draws A Blank

I was originally going to title this post "This Menopausal Moment is Brought to You By..." but thought better (or maybe I didn't but it was masked by my menopausal moment). I am hoping that if I type real fast I might be able to complete this post before the next wave of ....what was it I was going to type?

Some of you reading this can't relate because you are too young (wait, it will come) and some of you can't relate because you are male (hahaha no excuse go ask your GF, wife, SO or any middle aged woman on the street). The Menopausal Moment is a real phenomena that warrants exploration and millions of dollars in research.

Ladies, we have all experienced it. The Menopausal Moment (or TMM for short, because it can't be real and medical unless it has an acronym) is that sudden lack of blood to brain that causes your mouth to stop in mid sentence. This is the hallmark sign of TMM. It is usually followed by "What was I saying," or "What is the word I'm looking for..." Unfortunately that only masks your embarrassment from YOU because the word you were looking for is "and" or "the."

My first glimpse into TMM was many years ago. It began with my grandmother. While rattling off orders as we marched out the door she would pause then cover by calling out fifteen names before getting to the right one, we were too young to realize what was going on. Then it happened to my mother, aunts, cousins the only common threads seemed to be age, "hot flashes," and statements of "wait 'til it happens to you."

I have experienced TMM myself. My best one to date was when I sitting in an interview, with 4 other women who were looking to hire a high profile executive for their high profile company (no names not that I shouldn't I just can't remember--it's happening now). While answering some deep question like "What is the meaning of life," my mind went blank. Noting the age of the women in the room, and knowing they had no clue what my age was I apologized profusely and stated calmly "I just had a menopausal moment." Being able to relate, I was offered the position a few days later. Being too embarrassed I declined.

So next time it happens don't be too concerned it is one of those skeletons in the closet that we don't share in polite societies. Yes, it is real. No, there is nothing wrong with you but I am sure that the pharmaceutical companies will come out with a pill to assist us through it--soon.

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Missy-Ellen said...

My mind runs a blank way too often, too, although I'm too young yet to relate it to menopause. I have an illness which makes my brain foggy a lot of the time - it makes for some interesting moments, hehe! That's for the entertaining post! :)

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