Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Walk to Defeat ALS

For the past four years, every April I walk to support ALS. It began because of a corporate sponsorship and has blossomed into something I do to remember friends, patients, and staff who have succumbed to this devastating disease.

During the weeks leading up to the walk there is always the fund raising and attention to details that keeps my mind occupied. The day of the walk and especially the walk itself is a different story. At those moments my mind is filled with those who have fallen to this disease. I see their faces, remember their hopes, and pray for the ones that are newly diagnosed.

ALS is relentless and unforgiving. It knows no social or economic boundaries. It does not care what your ethnic background is or what you beliefs might be. ALS is an equal opportunity disease.

There is little known about ALS and what has been recently discovered is mostly due to the fund raising efforts for research and care of the ALS Association. Nationwide the ALS Association continues to look for the cure while providing for the needs of those afflicted. The cost of one year of care for one ALS patient is $200,000. Do the math, it is mind boggling!

ALS fund raising is not limited to once a year. You can donate at anytime to the ALS Association. No gift is too small or too great and every penny is deeply appreciated. To contribute to the ALS Association visit our Team Page, the Florida Chapter (just click on either to go to a donate page) or visit your local chapter's webpage.

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