Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oh, GROW UP Already!

We've been talking a lot about kids moving out, moving on, and getting married . . . and, as a mom, I know you have to let them go at some point, BUT (and that's a big but) what if you're not ready? What then?

My daughter decided it was time to spread her wings and fly, and fly she did! All the way to New York City! It's not like I can hop in the car and be there in an hour or two. Even if I fly it's still more than a few hours out. I remember being her age and getting in my car and going and going. . . albeit it was only for the weekend. Then, I'd come home. My weekend trips never took me out of state (okay, once)!

Nick just popped the question and as happy as we are about it . . . he's spreading his wings and flying, too!

My mind rewinds and I remember all of them as little kids (Carmen's and mine) . . . the day Nick (his sister's interpreter - they're a year and half apart) decided he could no longer understand what she was saying so we were up the creek understanding her . . . the day Carmen got stopped by the cop and Amanda and Alex (still in their car seats) started singing "Bad boys, Bad boys, whatcha gonna do . . . " . . . Alex removing every stitch of clothes and running around saying, "I'm cold!"

The kids have grown up . . . but I still remember these moments (and MORE), and I thank God each and every day that I was able to share times with them when they were little.

But to the youngest of the clan, my Derrick, I say . . . take your time.



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