Sunday, June 29, 2008

Another custom frame...

This one a travel one...a little different theme this time but just as much fun to make. My hairdresser recently went on an Alaskan Cruise and I've done this as a gift for her. Don't pay any attention to the blurred faces in this photo. I didn't want to show those since I don't have her permission to post them on the web. I wanted to show the photo IN the frame though.

I'm also sharing a close up photo of the flowers that I used in the corner of this frame.If you look closely, they're shimmery...almost like the snow in the background of her photo. I love how these turned out and wanted to share that little detail. I'll be delivering this frame on Tuesday. Can't wait to hear her response!!

More goodies coming soon! So check back often. And be sure to scroll down past this case you've missed a few samples.

Until next time...


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