Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gearing Up

It may be a little early but I am starting to get antsy again. Now what about you ask? Why Easter and Mother's Day of course.

I am already starting to plan and looking in Etsy to bring you new "finds." I have discovered some amazing shops and items that I can barely wait to share with all of you. I will be doing a broader range this time so if you don't see something right away please keep checking.

In our little shop we are branching out. Maggi and I have been making invitations and cards for years but have never posted any in our Etsy shop. We are working hard to change all of that. We've added assorted cards (now available in sets), thank you's, birth announcements, graduation announcements, party favors, and photographic prints.

We also noticed that we had a very limited selection for our Latin cliental. We have amended our shop announcement so that they too know that we can cater to their requests.

The past few months have been an amazing journey. I can only speak for myself but I have gained so much insight into people, made more friends, and learned more by using this machine than I would have ever thought possible.

Well, I am starting to ramble so I will leave you with two pictures of our brand new items. As always thank you for following our blog.

Dusk in Naples I

Monday, February 23, 2009

Falling off the Wagon

We started the New Year with a bang and a promise. We did really well with it until the 14th of this month but as the blog shows we fell off the wagon. So here we go getting back on it again!
The past month has been busy. We have been designing new products and filling orders. We had always been very involved with our children's activities and designed everything from birth announcements to birthday invitations. Well we decided to put our Mom skills to work here at Sumpin Else.
Maggi has been busy designing birthday cards, frames, party hats; you name it she's dabbled and had a great time doing it. I've been busy looking through our photographs and making prints (see the two here) and a brand new item that I absolutely love ACEO's.
If you aren't familiar with ACEO's they are tiny works of art about the size of baseball trading cards. Ok, we have established that I AM OLD and this probably dates me further! You can collect them, trade them, display them, or frame them--you decide.
Another new item in the Etsy Shop is signed prints. It is wonderful to relive the memories associated with these pictures and to share them with others. Many of my favorites are photographs of Alaska, Canada, and right here in our own backyard (Florida).
Take a peek in the shop and see all the new items. We will be posting some exclusives here in the next few weeks.
Until the next time,

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day! We hope you have a candy and flower day, may it be filled with joy and Little Pleasures of your choosing!

Carmen, Maggi, and Ella

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Little Pleasures VI

KIMMSMITH: Rich Royale Handmade Charm Bracelet by Kim Smith ($12.00)

TheHappyHomemaker: Grandma Millie’s Buckeyes—Half Dozen ($5.95)

Here we go with our 6th installment of Little Pleasures. As Valentine's Day draws we are coming to a close with our series but we hope that you are now familiar with Etsy and all of its wonderful shops. We will continue blogging and bringing you exceptional finds. We hope you have enjoyed our selections as much as we have enjoyed finding them and presenting them to you!

Tonight we continue with offerings for him and her and even a special treat for our canine friends. All are still under $20.00 and all are still handmade by some of the finest inde-artists in the global community. Enjoy clicking!


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Little Pleasures V

Sumpinelse: Valentine Fortune Cookie in Take Out Container ($10.00)

chickadoodle: True Love Beaded Necklace ($15.00)

sever96: 10 Chocolate Rose Suckers ($15.00)

trinkets4u: Country Heart Wine Glass Charms ($7.00)

LMcreation: MOO Business Credit Card Holder-Japanese Cherry Blossoms ($7.00)

sweettreatmaryann: Texas Sized Peanut Butter Cup ($18.00)

GingerKittyDesigns: Valentine for the Book Reader ($8.99)

Sumpinelse: Black and White Knick Knack Box ($15.00)

It hardly seems like it has been two days since the last time I posted but the calendar does not lie—unless I forget to flip it! I have enjoyed the past few days meeting and conversing with other Etsy sellers to locate our “finds” of the day. It has been very enjoyable and I as Valentine draws near I am beginning to think about Easter and Mother’s Day, and, and, and… I have almost worked myself up to Christmas (didn’t we just do that).

Well as most of you know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and my do we have a treat for him tonight. You may want to click on sweettreatmaryann’s Texas Sized Peanut Butter Cup it is unbelievable! On the flip side we all know how we feel about our CHOCOLATE and sever96 serves up some beautiful treats for the ladies in our lives.

There are still plenty of shopping days left until Valentine’s Day so we will be bringing you new gift ideas through next week. Until the next time have fun clicking and getting to know these wonderful shops on Etsy.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Little Pleasures IV

ajscountrycottage: Sandalwood Rose Soap-Luxury Artisan Olive Oil Soap ($4.50)

CBBasement: Fun Red and Denim Pouch ($3.50)

pjturner: Cherry Wood Slimline Hand Turned Pen ($18.00)

Serendipities4U: Nightlights ($15.95)

Yes Virginia, we do have to focus some attention on the male of the species. We have indulged ourselves over the last few days. Let’s give them some Little Pleasures of their own, but we can continue to build our Wish List too. Here are some beautiful little treasures for him (and her) at very affordable prices. Hope you enjoy visiting these sites!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Little Pleasures III

msfroggie7: Valentine LOVE Necklace ($13.00)

TALKTAGZ: Metal Rim Gift or Scrapbooking Tags (Set of 6 $4.50)

elegancewithflair: Open Wire Basket Vintage Style Locket Chain Necklace ($15.00)

ragquiltusa: Set of 5 Rag Quilt Coasters Red White Blue Jean Hearts ($6.00)

Sumpinelse: Bear-ing My Feelings ($15.00)

Sumpin Else Trivia: Over the past few months while learning to live on the Internet, I have been reminded almost daily of the impersonal nature of this mode of communication, networking and conducting business. For as many amenities as we have today it is difficult to put names and faces (in real time and space) together. We can spend countless hours at the computer “talking” with anyone and everyone in the global community and yet bump into them on the street and never have an idea that this person has touched our lives before.

Well here you go. Down below in yesterday’s blog there is a picture of a lovely young couple. That would be Maggi and her husband Steve. Along with Ella (the pig) and me (Carmen) we are Sumpin Else.

I am not as brave as Maggi but if it will help in establishing our cyber friendship, think American Gothic. My husband Paul would be carrying the pitchfork and yes, that would be me to his immediate right.

As for Ella, she loves to have her picture plastered all over the Internet. No pun intended she is a real ham and a flying one at that. She loves long walks on the beach, feeling the sand between her hoofs, an inde-films. She is currently single after a tumultuous relationship but is beginning to date.

Hope you have a wonderful Super Bowl Sunday! For those of you watching the game—may your team win. For those of you not watching the game, here are today’s Little Pleasures. Hope you enjoy them and visit the shops that they call home.


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