Monday, October 13, 2008

Have you noticed???

There have been quite a few new things added to our Etsy store over the past few days. Maggi,Carmen and I have been busy creating lots of fun things for us to share with you!

Check out Maggi's HALLOWEEN PAPER BAG BOOK and take a look at these cute little MATCHBOOK NOTEPADS too. These notepads would be perfect little gifts for a friend, office mate or maybe even your child's teacher. Something small but useful and very inexpensive.

Carmen created this beautiful box for your HAPPY THOUGHTS. I love the red/black/white color combination on this one!

We've also got a new DOG THEMED FRAME too.

Check the store often because things are being listed almost daily. You can also see our "Etsy Mini" on the sidebar of our blog. That will show you some quick shots of what's been added recently.

And its definitely not too early to start thinking about Christmas. We're taking orders now for the Holidays. Get your order in early to beat the rush. Drop us an e-mail at

Think school colors, team colors, home decor themes and colors...let us make the perfect gift for your someone special.

Till next time...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Down in the deep blue sea...

I love a challenge...and I especially love a challenge that turns out to be pretty darn good. (If I do say so myself)

I was asked to do a frame for someone online. All we had to go with was "purple, dolphins and her name is Kim". Ideas started whirling around in my mind about how I would do this one. I decided to go with a sponged background in purple with the dolphin jumping out of the "water".

As I started this frame...I was nervous that the background would be too pink or maybe even too blue. Emily encouraged me by her "ooohs and ahhhs" and her "Can I do one of those, Mommy??". As I finished, I thought..."yep, that's purple enough." I found a sheet of Sea Life creatures in my stash and set on my way with completing my challenge.

The glitter glue came next...I knew it needed something special to make it look like water splashes. The twirls and the swirls were an afterthought. When the frame was finished, I stepped back and thought..."I really like this one." and hoped that our new customer would like it too.

And she did!!! She said it was "PERFECT". This made me sooooooo happy!

This frame was made for my new friend, Candice. I met her on Etsy and we've chatted a few times now. I look forward to forming a great friendship with her. She makes the prettiest pottery bowls and pours the yummiest scented soy candles in them. I recently purchased one from her store on Etsy...check it

The next day, I was invited next door for lunch and took this purple dolphin frame to my neighbor's house to show her. I like to show her my recent work because she enjoys seeing it and always boosts my self esteem. (or is honest when she doesn't really like something too) She started asking questions about how much our frames are, how long do they take to make, etc. etc. Then tells me that she needs one like it for the girl that lives with her...that works at Sea World...with the whales.

Aha...another challenge!! Wasn't I lucky to have a whale on that same sheet of Sea Life creatures!!??!! The real challenge would be to get it done in less than a day. Could I do it??? I'd do my best.

Well, I did finish it...and my neighbor loved it. This one was done in blues and a little black trim. Very similar to the Sea World colors. It was delivered today and has already been given to the birthday girl too. I can't wait to hear what she thought of it!

Check them out!!!

So...if you didn't already realize it...we do custom orders! Drop us an e-mail and let us know what you need. We'll match color schemes of home decor, team colors for sports and cheerleading...even COLLEGE colors. How about wedding or baby gifts too?? Yep, we do them too. (and a whole lot more than just frames too) The possibilities are ENDLESS!

And check out the stuff that we already have up in our Etsy store too.

Till next time!

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